My Portfolio

My portfolio consists of work done from observation, imagination, and reference.  I use a wide variety of mediums, including gouache, acrylics, inks, charcoal, and digital tools.  My body of work is created through my drive to create.

My drive to create is to capture the world around me.  I want to capture the essence and “life” of the world I have seen in the past and in the present as I take it in.  A landscape that was from yesterday’s walk, the loving gaze of a dog, and a scene of whimsy from the imagination are all things I recollect and witness day-to-day. To capture and show them as they are to the heart is my drive. It is my drive to create.

A way to create that “heart’s view” is achieved through expressive brushstrokes, vibrant colors, and personality.  To represent a subject as their outer appearance is to show what they look like, but to convey the soul, the heart is another thing.  I aim not to show representation of a subject’s exact physical appearance, but I aim to show and capture the “heart,” the vibrancy, and the individuality of the subject.  Even if I do manage to capture the likeness and representation of a subject, my main goal is to capture who they are as an individual.  My main goal is to represent their soul and heart.

My goal as an artist is to create visuals depicting the world or to show an idea.  Below is my concept work, illustrations, and paintings.


Sample Sketchbook Pages

Below are some sampled pages from various sketchbooks.  They show my process and show many experiments.