Maggie Carroll | MIAD ’23

Hi! I am an illustrator and fine artist based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am currently attending the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design to earn a BFA in Illustration.

I enjoys drawing dogs, landscapes, and architecture, people.

I am a huge fan of animation and enjoy drawing while listening to Jazz or 80s Japanese Pop.

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Artist Statement (2020):

My sketchbook and paints travel with me most places I go.  I love to try to capture a memory of the mood, the light, and the feeling of the places I’ve been, either in the studio or en plein air.  I like to take my observations and techniques from my fine art and apply it to my illustration.  I want to pair a level of believability in my subjects and setting  with a level of whimsy and fantasy that is found in illustration.  

I work both digitally and traditionally.  I enjoy painting, drawing, and messing around in other various mediums.  My work is mainly inspired by observation, travel, and artists I admire.  

My goal as an artist is to depict beauty and to make people happy as well.  I like to create beautiful art to share with others.  

I am currently a sophomore studying illustration at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.